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The beginnings of the average American novel


Herein we begin the digital release for mass consumption of this book-thing I’ve been working through for the last couple of years.  Maybe you’ll find it enchanting; maybe you’ll find it precocious; maybe you’ll find it to be ‘of the suck’.  It’s really your call.  I will note this: despite the occasional odd numbering, these pieces are being posted in what I view to be their predestined order.  Even if that doesn’t make sense all of the time.  We begin….

Everything Gray

 Prologue – A Brief Introduction

 ‘Well we ain’t got no brains and we ain’t got no heart,  it’s just this wild old wind that tears my soul apart’ – XTC

 Some where, at some time –

 Hi.  I’m Ed.  More on that later.

 I can’t tell you much about how any of this happens; the cogs, the gears, the sparks that drive the engine – atypical theory, when applied to the human element, never tests as anticipated.  I know a few things that I rely on as fact:

 One:  The wrung-bone-dry idiom ‘Everything happens for a reason’ was first uttered by a man who had stopped believing in his God, but was too afraid to cease believing in his faith.

 Two: That kind of thing usually happens to a person when they have been subject to the influence of other people in their lifetime.

 Three:  Most people, despite appearances, efforts and claims to the opposite, are really no good for people.

 We should be able to move forward quite quickly from here then.  The more cooperative you can be with these ideas, the less time we have to spend putting all your ugly in the front window along the way. We mostly just need to burn that blanket you’ve been ‘managing’ everything with, and get some fresh air and water for all.  And at some point, you’re going to have to let the creatures roam free.  It’ll be quite important later on, you’ll see….soon enough you won’t even remember how horrible you look in this bright light, you’ll be having so much fun!  The forgetting is always one of the most refreshing highlights….but I’m beginning to spoil.  Let’s get to the front car!

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