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2 Bits of Serious Awesome


Master Chief or just another Spartan?

Please honor these souls by visiting their sites, and checking out what they have to offer. The first receives 2 links, one for the forum where he unveiled his modern history, and the other, a link to an online emulator running his game…

Atari Age

HALO 2600

For the second I can only offer the article from Engadget which a friend forwarded. It speaks for itself…

Engadget Wipeout!

What more can I say? Bang-on brilliant. One, for nostalgia riddled goodness with passion and determination. I mean come on people, this is beautiful. The other, for blurring an already fuzzy line between gaming and reality, oh and also with equal passion and determination, (and a butt ton of free time and space.) Nice pad, (and bad hairdo.) Hats off to both Ed Fries for creating his Atari 2600 rendition of Halo, (make more carts, will ya?), and Malte Jehmlich and company for realizing their vision for racing game immersion. I’m jealous. There, I said it.

With luck, I’ll return this weekend with a pair of real articles, and eventually I’ll once again post something that I don’t find Superbly amazing. Till then, while you’re clicking on all these dorky geek links, give this one a gander as well. Although I am not a dork for the iPhone like the rest of you mouth breathers, I can easily dig on the heli’. Till someone figures out how to become a terrorist with one. Be safe, and enjoy your evening…

A.R. Drone

The video shows the hair; check it!

Such Color, Such Vision, Huh?
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  1. meathorse permalink
    2010/08/06 1:40 pm

    That shit is HARD. I didn’t even make it to the first save point.

  2. 2010/08/07 4:33 am

    You need to drink more water!

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