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OpinionatedMisfits is pretty much what the title implies – it’s an online home for a group of somwhat-similarly-minded individuals with shared interests to point out things in this world that strike us as great, horrid or somewhere lurking in the grey in between.

You’ll find a lot here on movies, music and television, though much of it of an ‘off the beaten path’ nature.  Some gaming, some societal observations, and some flat-out fabrications….you get the fun of discerning which is which.  No religion.  No politics.  Our crew has been hand-picked through years of pain-staking research.  And by ‘pain-staking research’, I certainly do mean to imply ‘these are the friends whose opinions I enjoy hearing because they are quite good with the funny and fond of the snark’.

So look around, try something on, we hope you find something your size…..


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